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Hernando County “Hot Spots”

American Pride Realty Group is a full-service real estate company that specializes in creating an individualized experience for each of our clients. And, you will not find another company like us in Hernando County! Lead by our experienced broker, Jason Faucher, our team will impress you with our professionalism, work ethic, strong communication, and dedication to meet your every need.

While our real estate and investing ventures will be featured using this blog, we also want to highlight the many local attractions within Hernando County (and maybe beyond!). Our goal is to give someone living in Hernando County the ability to love their home, but also love their community! Therefore, we’ll be blogging about a new Hernando County “hot spot” each week! Please feel free to comment on your own experiences, recommend locales, or simply share our blog with your friends/family/followers!

And, of course, if you are in need of a realtor or property manager, please call us!

We look forward to sharing our blog (and experiences) with you!

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